Any business requires serious attitude. The task of a top manager is to keep the situation under control and not to let crucial mistakes happen.

It is obvious that book-keeping in a company must be in line with the law. But nobody can be safeguarded from losing accounting records: your book-keeper may ‘run away’ and take the paper work with him, your office may pass through a fire or removal to another place, or your employees will simply have done their work badly. The only solution in such a situation is to restore the booking-keeping fully. No matter what should be done: a concrete part of your booking must be restored, or all the records must be done again from scratch – our specialists will be always able to help you.

Current legislation in the field of bookkeeping and taxation is a huge, constantly changing scope of information. Due to that, regularly difficult and controversial issues occur that may puzzle even highly qualified and responsible specialist.

You have doubts in efficiency of the book-keeping department? You need to take an important decision on sale or purchase of a business? You are limited in time or money for a full-scale accounting audit? Then a rapid assessment of the accounting status is the service you need.

Bookkeeping is a complicated system that reflects financial situation of your company. To commit the maintenance of accounting records to the specialists of PiK-audit is a wise decision of a manager who is interested in reaching success in his business.