Maintenance of accounting records

Bookkeeping is a complicated system that reflects financial situation of your company. To commit the maintenance of accounting records to the specialists of PiK-audit is a wise decision of a manager who is interested in reaching success in his business.

From one side, you save valuable time that you might spend for finding a good bookkeeping specialist, from another side you don’t have a risk to lose money in case you happen to employ an incompetent bookkeeper. But the main thing is that you receive a full package of services by the specialists of the highest qualification:

  • preparation, maintenance and storage of accounting records as well as tax and statistical returns;
  • express advising;
  • provision of up-to-date bookkeeping information necessary for taking managerial decisions;
  • insuring professional responsibility of a bookkeeper.

PiK-audit offers a well-timed, professional and competent protection of your interests. Security of your business is our responsibility.