Reconstruction of financial accounts

It is obvious that book-keeping in a company must be in line with the law. But nobody can be safeguarded from losing accounting records: your book-keeper may ‘run away’ and take the paper work with him, your office may pass through a fire or removal to another place, or your employees will simply have done their work badly. The only solution in such a situation is to restore the booking-keeping fully. No matter what should be done: a concrete part of your booking must be restored, or all the records must be done again from scratch – our specialists will be always able to help you.

Restoration of accounting records is a very complicated, time and labour consuming process. It demands the highest level of specialist’s qualifications. Not only all the lost or missing documents must be restored, but also all the mistakes must be corrected, all the books must be brought into compliance with the legislation and, as a result, the tax checks must be successfully passed through.

One may think that restoration of accounting records by outside specialists is a long and expensive procedure, but don’t hurry to say ‘no’ to it, consider all the pros and contras. It may happen that problems with the law, including ones with the tax inspection will damage the reputation and financial standing of the company much worse.

Don’t postpone taking solutions on vital issues. Remember: the earlier you take measures to solve them and the more professional approach you choose, the better will be the final result. What concerns our specialists, they are always ready to render you the necessary assistance.