Olga Kazachenko


  • Audit
  • Rapid assessment of accounting status
  • Tax advising
  • Maintenance of accounting records
  • Reconstruction of financial accounts
  • Consultations in the field of bookkeeping and taxation

Professional experience

Audit of companies of all fields of activities
Consultations to companies in tax assessment
Consultations to companies on tax burden planning tailored to privileges and preferences
Rapid assessment of the status of accounting and tax records
Maintenance of accounting records of transportation companies
Maintenance of the accounting records of IT companies
Consultations to companies in the field of accounting and taxation of leasing operations
Consultations to companies in the field of accounting and taxation for securities transactions
Consultations to companies in field of transfer pricing and thin capitalisation

Additional experience

Development of methodology of auditing and corporate rules of auditing activities, teaching employees in methods and principles of auditing
Development of methodological materials for preparing employees for passing an exam in international financial reporting for obtaining DipIFR Rus diploma


Belarusian State Economic University, specialisation ‘Banking and Finance’ (1999)

Certificates and diplomas

Auditor’s qualification certificate (March 2006)
Diploma in international financial reporting DipIFR Rus (December 2011)
Tax advisor’s qualification certificate (April 2018)

Certificates and diplomas